In 1727, Captain John Dorkin left, by will £100 to be used in "relieving either generally or individually persons resident in the Ancient Parish of St Clement Ipswich with a preference for widows and children of seamen who are in conditions of need, hardship and distress". Through prudent financial investment since that time, the fund has increased considerably resulting in the trustees being able to continue to use the interest on the investment, to award grants to reduce the need, hardship and distress of such persons. Trustees have also with the permission of the Charity Commissioners increased the catchment area (map).

Historically, the sum of £1 was also paid to the clergyman leading the service on the 14th September each year, as, on that day, in the year 1716, John Dorkin was "by the providence of Almighty God, remarkably delivered from shipwreck, and preserved in a storm at sea".

Trustees will be pleased to receive applications to provide help and support to those in need living in the catchment area shown in the boundaries on the map, and an application form with further details can be downloaded here.